The Truth About Bearer Bonds

Bearer bonds are in almost every action movie. They’re basically interest paying bonds — only they can be redeemed by whoever is holding (or “bearing” them). This makes them much better for those who want to keep their anonymity.

While some countries have stopped using bearer bonds, they’re still absolutely on the market for those willing to seek them out. They can be found in both physical and electric form. You’ll learn all about them here at this website.

You can begin with the following articles:

  • The Definition of Bearer Bonds¬†– This is a short page explaining the basic concept of bearer bonds, why they’re attractive to some investors, why some governments frown on them, and other details.
  • Are Bearer Bonds Illegal?¬†– This is a short page reviewing whether bearer bonds are legal or not — the answer is on the page.
  • How to Buy Bearer Bonds — It is still possible to buy bearer bonds, even though you won’t be able to use the government of the United States. You can get them paper form in Europe and Central/South America.
  • How to Redeem Bearer Bonds — Redeeming bearer bonds depends a lot of the issuer of the bonds, but here is some basic information that’s usually true for most of the bonds.

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